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“Soft, Smooth, Luxurious, Warm, Reassuring”


When you’re greeted with ‘Welcome to Sainsburys’ instead of hello, you can see how fervent and enthusiastic Alison is about voice over.

An established British voice over talent, with Source Connect, Alison has a smooth, warm, relaxed, and sensual tone - perfect for beauty, luxury, well-being commercials and all that stuff that you can only buy on specialist websites; but ….. just when you thought it was safe to relax it’s time to metaphorically empty the bath and blow out the candles; the kids want their tea and the phone hasn't stopped !

The ovens on and the nuggets are in, this is where Alison can offer that down to earth smile in the voice sound for upbeat family slice of life commercials featuring that slightly harassed, but kind of relaxed about all the mess - (the washing powder will sort it) kind of mum!

In addition, and, like chocolate covered pretzels, a strange but unexpectedly nice mix Alison offers a high integrity, involved and intelligent sound great for corporate reads which complements a sincere and empathetic manner for on-hold and IVR work. This if needs be, can be dialled between pleasant and welcoming to slightly ‘headmistressy’ and imperative.

Somewhat removed from all this Alison has a diverse array of characters including, among others, Lady Penelope, Popeye, Marge Simpson, honeyed malevolent witches, and BBC newsreader/announcer et al.

Alison works from her own home studio but is also within easy reach of London. She has recently worked on a Macmillan Cancer Support Charity TV commercial as well as corporate videos and on hold messaging services.

Recent clients include

Amatis Films - Weston Homes

Three Disciples - Polypipe Corporate Video Tags

Insight radio

Casual Films - Macmillan Cancer Support Charity TV Commercial.

Tag Heuer Track Timing

National Talking Newpapers

Finally, clients can be assured that the importance of building good relationships, having integrity and working hard in order to provide the best service with fairness and decency are vital to Alison and every job is undertaken with passion, enthusiasm and responsibility.


Enrique Lles

"it was a pleasure to work with you and I am grateful for your willingness and professionality."

Imedge Communications

Thanks again for the great work! Cheers, Rory

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