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Commercial Reel 2015

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Narrative Reel 2015

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“Appealing, smooth, attractive, fun, convincing”


I am a professional British Female voice over with an appealing, smooth, attractive, fun and convincing voice. Loads of experience and a home-studio, make me the go-to voice for many national and international clients. I can be heard on radio and television commercials and in video games, training, medical, and technical videos, audiobooks, podcasts and IVR.

You can see more of my CV and accomplishments on Spotlight here:, and on my website

I have my own studio and I can deliver a file to you within 1 hour in a format you request, depending on complexity and length.

I speak fluent French, German and Spanish which has been of great help when communicating with foreign directors during a recording.

I have a clear voice, with fun nuances and cheeky tones. I can be authoritative in narrative work, whilst being characterful in commercial situations. I love being able to throw myself into the characters, but, at the same time, I can take direction well (and criticism if necessary!). I find interpreting copy one of the best aspects of my job - what does the client want to hear? What sort of voice? What intonation? Emphasis? What does the copy tell me about the client and product?

I have my own studio, and can produce clear recordings, in a format you request, eg MP3, WAV, GSM, AIFF etc, but I also love travelling to other studios.

Some of my favourite jobs so far have been:

- NASA Advertising
- VW Advertising
- eBay on-line training video
- Fisher-Price Advertising
- Pampers Advertising
- Oral-B advertising
- Lidl Advertising
- Various Advertising for on-line viewing on 4OD
- CA Training Videos
- Training videos for McKinsey & Company
- Training videos for Kerry Group
- Imaging for Radio Teesdale, UK
- Imaging for 6 Towns Radio, UK
- On-going IVR contract with Knowlarity, India
- Presentation for Wipro
- Ice Right Ahead - The Titanic 100 years on
- role of Annie, a passenger.
- Fable Distortions Writing Argument Final.mp3 - role of Inkwell and Parchment
- The reading chamber - role of Sarah
- Rural Spark - Radio advertisement
- Promo for Tales from the Farm - Sadie (child)
- Russian accented shopper (corporate video)
- 14 Audio book narrations and production for Audible and ACX.
- Surface 3 computer game - Hope
- Chimeras computer game - Alicia (child)
- Sister Sally - Dipperville (KOEHFM Radio)
- Radio Tags - Pandora Radio
- Various IVR

I love my job, and I'm looking forward to a successful 2014!


Pedro Ortiz:

Cromerty produced a very high quality recording in a quick timeframe. It was perfect.

Abhijit Shylanath

Thoroughly professional, and a very pleasant and natural reading of the script we sent. The whole process went smoothly and it was a pleasure working with Cromerty!

Tatyana Sentyakova;

Great talent! Beautiful voice! Fast response It's a pleasure to work with Cromerty!

Jerry Howarth - VoiceBox Talent Minneapolis

"Cromerty has many exceptional qualities for voicework and among them are 3 very important ones.

Talent - can't be stressed enough. She has a great sense of direction and where she should take a script. It's a natural talent too that only gets better. My only criticism is she may undersell her skills just a bit. She's very good.

Hard work and persistence - she works all the time at getting better and it shows. She likes feedback so to improve her work, and has attended many coaching seminars and classes. She wants to get better and takes action to do so, unlike those who just want to get better.

Humor - Cromerty has fun doing what she does and can laugh at the absurdities that session life brings. She maintains a perfect balance of fun, humility and professionalism.

All in all she's the kind of person you wish to work with. Professional, Talented, and enough fun to put a smile on your face."

Natalya Tregubova:

When we heard the demo we couldn't believe our ears first. Cromerty sounded great as a little girl, and as far as we already worked with her before we now know that Cromerty can do any voice pitch or timber. We are happy about having had this experience and will be glad to work with this talented voiceover artist again.
Thank you, Cromerty !

Ted Lymer:

Just recently completed a project with Cromerty and she was an absolute joy to work with. Very professional, stayed ahead of project deadlines and most importantly, delivered a flawless final product! Cromerty has my highest recommendation.

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