Cynthia Sam Kids Female Voice Over

Demo of the Year Entrant

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“cute, child, perky, quirky, sincere”


Cynthia Sam has a unique vocal quality: her voice has not changed since she was a child. Together with years of acting experience, Cynthia has brought many scripts to life by delivering the most interesting voices you've ever heard from a “kid.” Children everywhere will identify with Cynthia.

Perfectly suited as:
a precocious child, a fidgety kid,an animated character or an interactive educational toy.

Cynthia's voice is perfect for any production requiring an experienced actor to believably play a young child.


In today's world of voiceover, there are literally hundreds of voice actors who sound the "same." It is rare to find someone with the talent, interpretive skills, and a unique voice that stands out above the rest. Cynthia Sam is one of those rare individuals. She has the skills to quickly uncover the message in a script, the talent to tell the story, and a very unique voice that makes the story telling interesting. Cynthia's voice lends itself to a youthful sound, and she can also deliver young adult and character voices. In 2008, more of her creative talents were revealed when she produced, edited, and narrated a 60 minute documentary about the VoiceOver International Creative Experience convention (VOICE). It was truly a pleasure to have had Cynthia Sam as a student at VoiceActing Academy and now to be able to call her a friend.

James R. Alburger
Author: "The Art of Voice Acting"
Co-Executive Producer: VoiceOver International Creative Experience (VOICE)
Producer/Director: www.VoiceActing
Performance coach:

As a TV producer on Manhattan Cable TV, I gladly recommend Cynthia Sam as a voice over artist. She worked for our team on a documentary commemorating the 40th anniversary of Earth Day. It was a very difficult job because the main character in the documentary was a Japanese speaker who spoke English with a heavy accent. Cynthia Sam has a unique voice that sounds childish which is pleasant and charming. We were lucky to find her. Our Documentary project was finished on time and was widely accepted thanks to Cynthia Sam's voice over. –Anthony Alvarez, MNN Producer