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“Warm, believable, trustworthy, older guy. Studio”


I'm a British narrator and voice over artist based in London. I cover the age range 40's to 60's. I always sound like I know what I'm talking about even when I haven't a clue.

Famous brands that have benefitted from my voice to grow just that bit more famous include Age Concern, Audi, BBC and Goretex, to run the gamut from A to G.

My voice is also inside a variety of electronic gadgets, including a portable defibrillator. It's a sobering thought that mine may be the last voice you ever hear.

Best have a listen on my on website for the latest 'n' greatest demos.

I can record from home or visit any London studio.


“A Great voice”
Yusuf Thakur, CEO, VFX Productions, Dubai

"I've been listening through the full four chapters of Dracula. They are truly marvellous. I find myself gripped by your performance, even being well familiar with the text. It is such a perfect fit. I can't wait to release it!"
Miles Romney, Editor, MechMuse

"The final version is just brilliant, and I'm truly thrilled with it. Ken's voice is beautiful and just right."
Gloria Culyer, Age Concern Cambridge

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