Oliver Mcmullen 50+ Male Voice Over

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“Versatile Mellow Friendly Resonant Capable”


I came into voiceover for the challenge, the variety of work, the fun, and for a sense of accomplishment that was sorely missing in my previous job. It also appealed to me as a global business. I have already worked for clients in Canada and the US. Since 2011 when I started working toward this career change I have learned an incredible amount. I attended workshops at the Showreel in London working with voice coach Yvonne Morley and producer Jean Paul Orr. This will always be a learning experience for me. One of the surprising things I found during this process was how far I was prepared to go outside the comfort zone. Each of the projects I’ve worked on so far have been different. I am well suited to narration and corporate work. However the areas that appeal to me most are commercials, animation and cartoons, and video game work. The latter is a relatively young and expanding market with some unique challenges and opportunities. My voice is very versatile. As a rule I practise every day and am constantly experimenting with new voices. I work particularly well under direction, though I have my own studio and can record live via Source Connect. Select me for your project and you won’t be disappointed. As one client remarked I am “incredibly accommodating”. I will always go the extra mile to get it right.


I worked with Oliver McMullen on a quick turnaround project for one of our key clients. He delivered for us two fold. Not only was his professionalism and ability plain in the quality of his delivery and recordings, but he also went out of his way to turn around our voice over incredibly quickly. It was a relief to work with him, as it meant that despite the time constraints I knew I need not worry. He delivered a solid, clear and tonally spot on piece with no need for changes or amends, straight off the bat.

Jamie McCormack

By the grace of God, this project went really well. We recieved standing ovation. Your efforts and voice quality was also sensational and upto the standards, and because of that we have been able to produce a perfect package.
Well done Oliver! All appreciated..

Usman Zahid (Director Production)

White Rice Communications

"Oliver has done a fine job for our project. The voice over text was properly recorded. He knows how to set the right tone of voice, which the client was really able to appreciate. We, Sietsema Productions, wish Oliver every success in his future career."

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