Perdita Lawton Teens Female Voice Over

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“Bubbly, Youthful, Animated, Versatile, Homestudio”


I've been a voice over and actress since graduating drama school in 2007. To date i've voiced a national Irish tv commercial for 'Movie Star Planet', two Cornetto Classico commercials and a published childrens audio book called "The Magic Clock". I've played the title role in 'Lazy Cat' a forthcoming animation and also the female lead role in the English version of the Polish award winning animation 'Hip Hip & Hurrah'. I've also voiced toy products for Hasbro, narrations for numerous companies including Staffordshire County Council and Midlands Psychology. Also domestic and International E learning projects, mobile phone applications, talking newspapers and magazines for the blind. I was also pleased to be part of a radio drama for the BBC of WW2 witness accounts. My animation demo came a respectable third in the international Piehole demo of the year contest 2014 and has now been mad into an animation itself :

In bullet points:
* Character specialist for radio dramas and animations
* Firm for hard sell commercials
* Deep and silky for sexy commercials
* Fun and quirky for soft sell commercials,
* Well articulated and proffessional RP for documentaries,
* Approachable with character definitions for talking books and magazines

In narrative:
RP, like a spoiled princess or well educated lady, Liverpool like a fast talking girl on a help desk or a jack the lad in the bookies, Birmingham like a gossiping woman or a market trader, Wolverhampton like a slow talking shop keeper, Yorkshire like a girl behind the bar of a pub that serves pints of tennants and chip butties, London like a cockney geezer or an essex blonde, Welsh like a girl in the valleys, Glaswegian like a primary school teacher, Southern Irish like a soft spoken girl from Dublin that doesn't smoke but sees nothing wrong with a glass of wine, Australian like a surf bum, Standard American like a helpful shop assistant in wal mart, Tennessee like a cracker barrel waitress, Any accent with enthusiasm, happiness, sadness, comic timing, seductive and sexual prowess, boredom or colour, a little boy or girl of any geographical location.


"@LittleMissVO Thank u 4 the fantastic voice over, u certainly made the Magic Clock come 2 life, can't wait 4 u 2 work on Magic Clock 2 #VO"
-tony meade @IB_Books

"Fantastic communication, strong passion and a lot of fun to work with. Perdita was a constant help throughout the production with great ideas and helpful suggestions. Consistent, prompt and a pleasure to work with, would definitely like to collaborate again in the near future."
-Jonathan Parkins

“Perdita was an absolute pleasure to work with, both ourselves & our client were very pleased with the voice over she did. She demonstrated a great level of care, professionalism and attention to detail which greatly benefited our project. She was also extremely accommodating with our tight deadline & delivered a professionally recorded voice over for us in an extremely quick time. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend or use her again on future projects.” - Anthony Davies VIDEO DIRECTOR, BORN COMMUNICATION

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