Interview with Amazing Voice Actor Mandy Gasson

Mandy_gasson_profileYour interest in voice overs, how did it come about?

I have been acting since I was 5 years old, and I still spend my spare time involved in my favourite hobby which is acting and singing. Through some friends in my amateur dramatics company, I recorded the lead role in a couple of radio plays that they had written. I enjoyed it immensely, and after receiving numerous compliments on my voice skills, I decided to look into voice over work. Nearly 7 years later, it has become my main job, and I love it! My first project was a short audio book drama, which was a lot of fun to record, as I had to use my acting talents to create numerous different characters.




Pick one style which you feel represents you best?

Definitely bright and clear corporate. I know I can record really comprehensive and informative VO work in a way that is engaging and interesting for the listener, whether they be business people for corporate promotion, or students doing an E-Learning course.

Female Voice Over UK   Mandy Gasson  Versatile  vibrant  multi accented  clear   efficient   British Professional Voice over




What has been your favorite voice over job to date and why?

Favourite job to date was probably the full length audio book that I recorded for, which was of the extremely funny “Henrietta’s War: News from the Home Front 1939-1942” by Joyce Dennys. I just loved reading all the quirky and touching letters which Henrietta was writing to her old friend whilst he was away at war.




What’s a typical day like for you and have you done anything interesting lately?

A typical VO day for me would involve researching any possible jobs that I want to audition for, talking with previous clients about any upcoming or ongoing work that I am doing with them, and then working from my home studio on getting any jobs I do currently have recorded and sent off as promptly as possible, or completing any alterations or re-records too. My most recent job was for a driver’s training company in The UAE.




Do you have a favourite VO and what do you want the world to know about you?

My favourite Vo is definitely Gary Terzza, as I have always liked his voice, so to have then trained with him was a privelidge. I would like the world to know that I am an extremely reliable and faithful Vo who is always 100% committed to any job I do. I always make it my aim to get jobs done well within a set deadline/time frame, which has meant that my reputation in the industry is fast becoming one where any company that hires me knows that they are going to get their job done, and done well, as they want it, when they want it.




Do you think having a regional accents is detrimental to your career? 

I have a neutral “suburban” accent, which works very well for most Vo’s, but I can also do a variety of regional accents too, which are very useful depending on the job requirements. Personally, I have noticed in recent years, that regional accents are actually becoming more preferred, especially when it comes to commercial and advertising recordings, which is why I am glad to be able to adapt my voice to suit many styles of job.




Which do you recommend, a home studio or a commercial recording facility?

I have definitely found that having a home studio is much more beneficial for me, as it has meant that I can accept jobs at very short notice and get them done as soon as the client requires them.




Any advice and recommendations for aspiring voice talents?

I would say definitely get some good training under your belt. I trained with the highly acclaimed and extremely well respected VO actor Gary Terzza, who has been such a great support for me over the last few years. I would also say to any aspiring talents that you should really try and gain a knoweldge of your value, and do not just take any job going. I have always found that it has been quality and not quantity that has got me where I am today, and that has meant that I have built up a client list of companies who respect me as a VO artist and work with me to create high quality work, rather than cheap badly recorded VOs which lower their impact and reputations.




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Friday Voiceover Tips: 6 Common Voice Over Mistakes

Finding the right voice over professional to record is of the utmost importance when presenting a target audience with accurately communicated information. So, it  is important as a voice artist to know what to do and what not to do in the VO business. Being aware of the common voice over mistakes ahead of time can really help you avoid them. I wrote a blog recently on the Dos and Don’ts in the voice over industry, check it out Friday Voiceover Tips: Back to Basic Dos and Don’ts 




1. Lack of professionalism - The voice over industry is a service industry. Be considerate and easy to work with. Listen to the requests of the voice seeker. Read on how to carry yourself from our Friday Voice Over Tip: Professionalism!?




2. Lack of quality control - In voice over industry, nothing happens until you create your first professionally produced demo. A professionally produced demo is a vital piece of your success. Often some voice artists do themselves a disservice by trying to cut corners and making some common mistakes which you can easily avoid. If you don’t know what a client specifically wants, it’s impossible to deliver the goods. Professional clients are specific about what they want. Voice over pros always ask for specifics instead of taking shots in the dark. You should discuss the details upfront and put them in writing so there’s no confusion. This includes the desired audio format, the sample rate and bit depth, as well as how the files will be delivered at what time. You also need to be clear on how and when you expect to be paid. Check out our blogs Friday Voiceover Tip: Creating a Voice Over Demo and Friday Voiceover Tip: Record enjoyable voice over narrations




3. Unrealistic budget coupled with unrealistic expectations - Voice seekers often claim to have a beer budget and yet they expect a champagne delivery. The lower the budget, the more demanding they can be. A lot of  times, you might be asked to translate, proof and record the script and throw in the editing too, without any extra compensation. If you start giving these services away for free, you are responsible for creating unreasonable expectations. Check out our Friday Voiceover Tip: Voiceovers Buyout Fees  and Friday Voice Over Tip: Voice Over Rates Guide




4. Expecting instant success - Some voice artists book their first job through a referral or a fluke audition but these are few and far between but don’t lose patience with this process. Be persistent, and be prepared to reach out time and again. How much time do you spend focused on criticism you receive from voice seekers? The chances are, too much time. Our Friday Voiceover Tip: Dealing with Criticism at Work, tries to address this.



5. No standard rates - Recording and editing a voice over may be tricky at times, but setting voice over rates can be difficult process. Check out some of our blogs on fees Friday Voiceover Tip: Voice Over Rates Guideline and Friday Voiceover Tip: Solve your Background Noise Problems



6. Subpar voice over website - Your online profile is your  business card and you should used it as a way to conduct business with voice seekers from around the world. An incomplete Profile is not representative of you and your body of work nor will it attract prospective clients. Upload a photo to your account, This is a golden opportunity to brand your website! Let people know more about you visually to become intrigued enough to listen to your voice over demos. Be sure to properly name and label all of your demos in the appropriate field when you are in the process of uploading them. Make sure that your vocal style, interpretation, tonality, versatility, and range varies not only from demo to demo, but from spot to spot. Friday Voiceover Tip: How to Create Voiceover WebsiteFriday Voice Over Tip: Pitfalls Of Self-Employment and Friday Voice Over Tip: Must have design elements when overhauling your voice over website




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Friday Voiceover Tip: Creating a Voice Over Demo

Creating a flawless voice over demo is an important step in taking control of your voice career. In an industry without a face, it is incredibly important to put your best foot forward at all times. This starts with training and your demo. Your demo will present your voice to voice seekers. They can listen to it and evaluate your services first hand. Creating a variety of voice-over demos rounds out your portfolio showcasing the styles of voice overs you can perform. A flawless voice over demo is edited well, clean, clear, branded and under 60 seconds. Also, you should have separate reels for each genre you perform.




Use your unique voice to set your services apart. Your demo can range between 30 seconds to 2 minutes. Record a demo length of 60 – 90 seconds. Try to use different vocal tones and ranges to break up the content, pace and tone of your demos.  Once you understand the type of demo and the roles that you’ll play in each spot of your demo, you’ll want to consider the delivery style. There three main performance styles. They are soft sell, medium sell and hard sell. The soft sell approach is suggestive and persuasive without asking for the business directly. A medium sell is asking for the business but not in abrupt way and a hard sell approach demands business with a sense of urgency to close the deal. Now here are a few voice over demos you can create for your portfolio:

  • Television Commercials
  • Television Imaging and Station Identification
  • Radio Announcers
  • Radio Commercials
  • Business Presentations and Corporate Videos
  • Voicemail, On-Hold Messaging, IVR (Interactive Voice Response)
  • Character Voices and Cartoon Voice Actors
  • Audiobooks, Books on Tape
  • Educational Videos, CD-rom, e-Learning
  • Podcast
  • Public Service Announcements
  • Medical Narration
  • Foreign Language Voice-Overs




Before recording your voice over demo, you should take voice acting classes. Find a reputable producer for your demo. Don’t rush and record a demo. Please know that no one ever walked into a studio, and created a golden demo in one try. 




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Interview with Amazing Voice Artist Elainor Knight

How did your interest in voiceover work come about?

Elainor_Knight_-_headshot_profileI first became interested in voiceovers while working as a translator in Japan. I often translated voiceover scripts and one of my agents kept suggesting I try voiceovers… I had studied theatre and screen acting some years earlier, but had not really pursued it professionally. Anyway one day they offered me a narration job, for one of the government ministries, if I remember correctly. After that I went to America to study voiceovers and things kind of grew from there. I will always be grateful to that translation agent for starting me on my way.






What’s a typical day like for you and have you done anything interesting lately?

Lately I’ve been busy teaching narration and haven’t done much voiceover work. However, I recently voiced an AIDS awareness film and also did some radio imaging for stations in the UK and overseas.




What has been your favorite voice over job to date and why?

My favourite job so far would probably be a visitor’s guide to the Subaru Telescope on Mauna Kea in Hawaii – I’ve been interested in astronomy for many years so it was a joy to do. Another one I especially enjoyed doing was Panasonic’s global branding commercial – there was a real buzz in the studio that day.




Pick one style which you feel represents you best?

Warm, natural, engaging..


Female Voice Over UK   Elainor Knight  Warm  natural  engaging   British Professional Voice over




Do you have a favourite VO and what do you want the world to know about you?

Richard Burton has been a long-time favourite (especially his work on Jeff Wayne’s “War of the Worlds” concept album), but there are many voiceover artists and actors whose work I admire, both male and female.



Do you recommend setting up a home studio or using a commercial recording facility?

If your skills are in demand and you have a suitable environment and resources, I would certainly recommend setting up your own studio. There are many helpful articles and videos on this topic, for example: Producing Professional Voiceovers At Home, Part 2




Any advice and recommendations for aspiring voice talents?

Find out what you do best by recording yourself and listening back. Get coaching; if voiceover classes aren’t available in your area, take some acting/improv/singing classes. Always be professional. Learn the craft and enjoy what you do. has many resources for aspiring and established talents, as does and of course, Piehole.




Do you think having a regional accents is detrimental to your career? 

A regional accent may have been a disadvantage in the past, but nowadays the marketplace is more accommodating to different languages and accents. If you can also speak in a standard or neutral accent, so much the better.




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Friday Voiceover Tip: Solve your Background Noise Problems

There are lots of voice over opportunities and interesting jobs in the industry than ever before because it has been reshaped by the age of the internet and affordable recording gear. Today we will be discussing noise reduction techniques. Most voice seekers prefer to do post‑production work themselves. Sometimes, they want the files ready to go, which might mean using slight EQ and compression. A more natural-sounding way to clean up a voice recording, is to record in absolute silence. To do this, wake up early, when your house is quiet. Then record a full minute of silence at whatever bit depths and sample rates you’re likely to be using. Repeat this process for each different mic you use, and save each file.



Run these files through any standard EQ high‑pass and low‑pass filters you use, zoom in on the waveform, and select a one‑second strip of silence from each recording. Save these strips as separate files. Ideally, the noise floor of each strip will be lower than ‑60dB. Now, when you have to remove a bump or a squeak between words, you can paste in a piece of these strips instead of muting, which would draw attention to the edit. Using EQ to reduce low‑end rumble and high‑frequency noise will make your recording sound better, and will be beneficial if you’ll be adding compression later. Used moderately, compression can reduce dynamic range, improve intelligibility of the words and will leave you with a natural‑sounding result. 



Not all noise can be tackled in this way. You need to listen for clicks, plosives, digital glitches and so on. These can be repaired by using a ‘heal’ tool or a pencil tool to redraw the waveform. Popped ‘p’s can often be ‘fixed’ using a high‑pass filter set at 100Hz. For a single glitch, you can zoom in and cut out the cycle of the waveform in which the glitch appears. Just be careful to start and end the cut where the waveform crosses the center line, otherwise you will inadvertently add another digital glitch. If glitches are frequent, it’s likely that there is a problem with your audio interface’s buffer settings, it may be just a playback issue. Also listen for sibilance. Strong ‘ess’ sounds are best corrected at source, by using good mic technique, but sometimes they’re unavoidable. If you hear an ‘ess’ that really sizzles in your recording, you can manually reduce its volume. You can use a de‑esser, but do be careful, as applying some de‑essers to the entire audio file can alter the sound of your recording. It is best to apply them to short sections, either offline or using automation. Make sure you record some silence at the end of each take. That way, if a great performance suffers from noise issues, you have something to feed your noise‑reduction processors. Just don’t rely on this technique too much. 



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Amazing Voice Over Profiles on Piehole Voiceovers

2-1384795125_juliet_prew-10_copy_profileJuliet Prew

With nearly twenty years as an actress, my voice work covers a broad range from BBC Radio Drama (inc.”The Afternoon Play”, “Short Story”and lots of Radio Dramas, playing RP, Northern, Scottish and Australian characters) to corporate, IVR, kids and animals! I am the current voice for all of TalkTalk’s on hold stuff and Hilton Hotels, so am equally at home doing straight, precise reads as I am with full blown characters. In fact, I thrive on variety! I record at home with a Rode NT1A mic, M Audio Firewire Solo and Mac/Logic Express software but can easily get into a studio being based in Central London. 



Judyheadshot2_profile_profileJudy Fossum

I admit it, I love words and audio. Together they combine to form inspiring, intriguing and educational messages that I, as a voice actor, can help you bring to life. Having been behind a mic for over 20 years, it is nearly like my second home. In essence, I am here to help you. I provide clear, professional voice overs for businesses and educators including commercials, narratives, audio for the internet and message on hold (MOH) that result in increased revenue and market share. I help corporations and educators relay information about their products and services to their clients and potential clients. My recording studio (powered by renewable energy [wind] thanks to a Skystream 3.7 wind turbine) is where I record, edit and produce high-quality audio programming that can be sent to clients anywhere with a quick turnaround time. I can easily save the audio in any format needed as well (mp3, wav, aif). I will be happy to help you add background music to your project as well. Your ideas will be clearly voiced. 



05_smile_profileAlan Thorpe

Passionate and articulate with years of experience as a character actor in Theatre, Film, VO, Radio and Corporate role play. I love the challenge of quickly finding the voice and delivery that suits my client’s needs. With a home studio and an ipDTL link that is so much better than ISDN, my client only needs Google Chrome as a browser and we can set up real time direction or I can record and send within minutes of receiving a script. Having lived as a younger man in both Tasmania, Australia and the USA finding the natural flow of these accents is as natural as British English. 



Adam_diggle_2_profile__2__profileAdam Diggle

Adam is a northern voice actor from Manchester, based in South London. He trained at the prestigious Liverpool Institute for the Performing Arts, graduating in 2009. He has been working in the voiceover industry for the past 3 years in a wide variety of areas, from ELT and telephony to animation and computer games. Adam’s natural voice has a great friendly and relatable quality, perfect for adverts and promos, but he is also very adept at softening and neutralising his accent for other work, such as corporate narration. His range of accents is extremely impressive, making him an ideal choice for cartoons and computer games. Adam also excels at impersonations with Nicholas Cage, James Stewart, Brian Blessed, David Attenborough and Christopher Lee being just a few of the names in his repertoire. Adam works constantly on his skills, broadening his range and strengthening his voice on a daily basis. He applies this diligence and dedication to every job he undertakes. In his spare time Adam likes to play guitar and is an avid boxing fan, he doesn’t get into a ring himself though, it wouldn’t be wise considering the career. 



Ajb__2__profile_profileAndrew Betts

I have a background in teaching within the private school system. I was for twelve years Housemaster of a boys’ boarding house and have been used to dealing with all sorts of people and situations. My voice has been a tool of my trade for the past twenty years teaching French and German as well as in frequent public speaking. I am best suited to audio books, narration and documentary work, although I turn my hand to serious advertising, promotion and telephone work. I have my own home studio and can turn round small to medium jobs very quickly, in a matter of hours or overnight if needs be. Larger jobs will take longer. I am always willing to re-record where necessary and to send samples during the recording process if required. I did my voice training with Gary Terzza in London. I have a BA in Medieval English, Postgraduate Diplomas in Linguistics and Translation (French to English) and a PhD in German Linguistics as well as Grade 8 exams in Singing (Baritone voice) and Oboe! I speak fluent, near native-speaker quality French and German. 



Invoice-logo_profileAndy Barnett

Andy is a full time voice actor based in the United States. 
He works out of an ISDN equipped, professionally designed home studio. He has worked with a number of clients for commercial work, narration, training videos, elearning modules, as well as taking on character roles in video games and animation. Andy has also ventured into the world of audiobooks, having narrated several titles. What is Andy best known for? His warm, friendly voice. His ability to relate with the audience and portray characters in a real and genuine fashion. Versatility is something a lot of actors claim, but Andy has demonstrated his ability to play a number of roles with authority and authenticity…just listen to his demos. What about training? Andy has studied under the tutelage of Pat Fraley in Los Angeles, David Lyerly in New York, and recently completed a full year of professional training in improvisational comedy.



Grainne_profileGrainne Brookfield

Gráinne is a regular in RTE currently working with the RTE 2 promo team . Gráinne narrated the harrowing documentary of Savita Halappanavar which was broadcast on TV3 in March 2014. You will hear Gráinne on top national campaigns for VHI Swiftcare Clinic, West Coast Cooler, Meteor Mobile, National Lottery & Vodafone. Gráinne also has experience overdubbing for film and loves playful character voices for animation. Having worked as a professional singer for more than 15 years, Gráinne has an exceptional advantage. Not just in terms of studio experience and etiquette or even vocal ability but with the ability to receive and react instantly to direction. 



Jenprofile_profileJenny Maxwell

Over 11 years experience in professionally voicing everything from National and International TV/ Radio commercials, Narrative pieces, Animation and a game. Check out the testimonials to hear what my clients have to say! I am a full-time voice over artist known for taking direction easily and delivering what my clients want. I am all about speedy replies and fast turnarounds, I don’t want to waste anyone’s time! Bright, clear delivery with a youthful sound. Great neutral reads and a wide range of accents and characters. Children’s and teenage voices a specialty. 



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Voice Over Interview with the Amazing Rebecca Saye

How did your interest in voice over work come about?

1620725_10153789239555484_1107719465_n_profileI have always had a strong, commanding voice and so did a lot of MC and compare work from the age of 18. When I trained at drama school to become an actor, I learnt how to use my voice productively, and in a variety of ways. I’m a bit of a perfectionist so I enjoy recording smooth, slick VO’s for corporate and commercials etc, but the performer in me loves playing around with characters and accents to create new and interesting voices.




Pick one style which you feel represents you best?

Commercial- anything from hard sell to silky Christmas chocolate adverts!

Female Voice Over UK   Rebecca Saye  Husky  warm  inspiring  gravitas  energetic   British Professional Voice over



What’s a typical day for you and have you done anything interesting lately?

I like to involve myself as much as possible with workshops and talks, anything to increase my knowledge of the industry, and any opportunity to enhance my vocal skills. Having my own recording equipment set up in my home also means that I can practice read scripts, commercials, books etc- practice makes perfect after all!

Next week I am doing a tongue twister workshop with Sugar Pod Agency, run by industry professionals Kerry Corran and Tony Mahama.



What has been your favorite voice over job to date and why?

My favorite job was with Media Bounty for an app called Twizoo. I was the voice over for a corporate piece of animation and had to align my voice with the on screen action. It was my first professional job and I recorded it in record time, and the client was ecstatic with the outcome.



Do you recommend setting up a home studio or using a commercial record facility?

I like being in a professional environment when I record, I like as many people to be there as possible to ensure the client has full control of the end result and is 100% satisfied with their choice. However, this isn’t always possible, and some jobs are so last minute that there isn’t time to rent studio space; this is why I have my own equipment, but I would always prefer to meet the client/production team and have the freedom to discuss the piece in person.



Do you have a favorite VO and what do you want the world to know about you?

There are so many fantastic voice overs and so many different styles, too many to pick a favorite I think!

I want the world to know that my dream is to make it to every corner of the world with a different VO job under my belt. I want to be the voice of the biggest brands, for the biggest campaigns, everywhere!



Do you think regional accents hinder success in the voice over industry? 

I’m originally from Suffolk, so when I moved to London 5 years ago I had a slight ‘farmer’ twang. I consciously squeezed it out through my acting training as I really didn’t like it! Luckily I am able to slip back into it as and when, but for me RP is my natural speaking voice. I definitely don’t think having a regional accent is detrimental though, who better to advertise Scottish tourism than a true Scott?! Each accent has it’s place.



Any advice and recommendations for aspiring voice talents?

There is a lot more to being a voice over than just having a nice voice to listen to, I think a firm background in acting/vocal training is imperative. If you don’t have that training, Excellent Talent has a brilliant package with loads of information and tips on being a great VO.



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Friday Voiceover Tip: How to Create Voiceover Website

Unless you’re a household name, no one’s going to be searching for your unique voice over services by your name alone. They’ll use keywords such as “professional voice over” or “male voice actor” or “female voice actor” and many more. If you want to make a good impression that will have voice seekers visiting your page over and over again, read the tips below. Some of the things you need to think about are,

  1. What does your first page say about your site?
  2. Does it grab the attention of visitors? 
  3. Does it load quickly? 



The most important thing to do is to make sure your website loads as fast as possible. The thing about speed is that people only notice it when it’s absent. One good reason to make your webpage load fast, is that search engines like faster sites better than slower ones. Use HTML5 because it has search-engine friendly text and the ability to function on many of the popular mobile operating systems without requiring a plug-in.



Don’t have audio start to play when someone lands on your site. Even though your site is a voice over webpage, voice seekers want to hear your audio but on their terms. This is about servicing your clients, not bombarding them. It’s all about considering your potential audience. Just as a courtesy to your visitors, allow them the opportunity to listen to your audio if they want to, not because they have to.



Use color strategically. Using a neutral color palette can help your site project an elegant, clean and modern appearance. Using small splashes of color for headlines or key graphics helps guide visitors to your most important content. It is also important to use a color palette that complements your logo and is consistent with your other marketing materials.


Since you will be creating a voice over website, it means it will be a site with one specific purpose. An informative front page gets that purpose right out where the reader expects it. Don’t forget to add call to action buttons. Create a form submission buttons that are appealing to visitors. Put your call to action in the upper portion of your website, along with your phone number or email address (if you want customers to call or email you).


Choose fonts that are easy to read across devices and browsers. When choosing fonts, keep in mind that people will be looking at your website not just on a laptop but on mobile devices. Some large-scaled fonts may read well on a computer monitor but not scale or render well on mobile, losing the desired look and feel. Use a universal font.



There are many other things I could mention, but I will keep it short to avoid this blog being too long and boring. Here are more tips to keep in mind when creating a voice over website:

  1. Avoid using a Flash intro or graphical “splash” page before your visitors can enter your site
  2. Avoid using only Flash or graphics within your site
  3. Remember to add meta tags! Having a title and description meta tag is very important.
  4. Try and purchase your own domain name. It just looks more professional.



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Friday Voiceover Tip: How to Use your Profile Stats

Check Profile Stats

British Voiceovers   stats userThere are many ways to drive traffic to your page thereby increasing the number of jobs you can land. Just remember that lots of traffic is not the be-all and end-all. You need the right type of traffic. Now check out the profile stats, you will be able to see your personal profile page hits and the number of demo listens you received for every month. Your stats page is available to you on your profile page. After checking out your stats, go through your profile. 


  1. Do you have your most current head shot on your profile?
  2. Is your bio current or has it become outdated due to changes in your life or business?
  3. Are your most current demos posted?
  4. Is your client roster up to date?
  5. Are the links to your web site, contact information and social media sites updated?


Set aside some time to review your profile. Go through all your content, demos to make sure everything is absolutely current and perfect. While you’re at it, set yourself a reminder to do it again in six months that way you’ll be promoting your most current information.


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Voice Over Stats | UK Demo Listens

Curious on how much traffic your profile page received and if it was the right type of traffic? Piehole is used by major ad agencies to source voice over talent. Yet some voice actors have less traffic on their profiles than others. Just remember that lots of traffic is not the be-all and end-all. Here are demos that more listens for the month July:



Male Voice Overs

  1. John Cavanagh 43
  2. Boet Schouwink 42
  3. Adam Justice 38
  4. Robert Eldridge 30
  5. Peter Baker 19
  6. Paul Hernandez 17



Female Voice Overs

  1. Jenna Sharpe 40
  2. Elainor Knight 32
  3. Elizabeth Ollier 29
  4. Lisa Armytage 28
  5. Cromerty York 26
  6. Nicky Lloyd-Williams 22



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