Enter and Win! Demo of the Year 2016 Competition

Voice Over Demo Competition 2016


Demo of the year (1)This January, we call out every voiceover talent to start 2016 on a high note by entering the Piehole Demo Of The Year competition. Piehole wants you to submit your best demo reel and compete head to head with great talent the voice over community has to offer. We are looking for beautiful, clear sounding voices that live on the web. Get crowned the top voice reel demo performance of the year in 2016! We took the lead from 2015 and kept the rules almost the same.



Enter and Win:

Enter VOICE OVER DEMO OF THE YEAR. This year, in addition to getting all your friends, family and ‘Facebook friends to click “Like” as many times as possible under your Demo/Photo on the Facebook event page; we have producer’s choice. Facebook votes will still count but the judges will also decide on demos so its not all about popularity.

(ONLY VOTES ON THE FB PAGE WILL BE COUNT!) ‘Likes’ DO NOT count towards the final results. All shares and likes on Facebook are to create a buzz for the competition. We are using Facebook to get your demo in front of many people as possible. The results or winners are selected by our 3 panel judges. The top 20 demos will be the finalists to be judged by our top international judges . Follow the link to enter: www.piehole.co.uk/Demo-of-the-year




First PRIZE: Demo of The Year 2016 customised winners badge for your website / Piehole page PLUS 1 x year free basic on Piehole.ca, Piehole.co.uk and Piehole.ie Second PRIZE: 1 year on piehole.ca Third PRIZE (consolation prize): A cool and fabulous Piehole t-shirt!




The following guidelines must be strictly abided,

1. It’s open to every VO on the planet (including existing members)

2.You can enter one demo of no more than 3 minutes in length.

3. The demo must be in MP3 Format. 4. It can have any type of content.

5. The commence date is the 18/01/2016 and closing is 18/02/2016. We will announce winners end of February 2015.

6. The prizes cannot be exchanged for…..blah blah blah monetary value e.t.c.

7. Top 20 demo’s go forward to external panel of judges who pick the 3 winners.





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Friday Voiceover Tip: How To Start 2016 With A Big Bang!

In an effort to help our voice artist start 2016 with a bang, I’m not saying I’m a business guru, here is my experience and advice.  



Know why resolutions fail

When was the last time you, or someone you know, stuck with a New Year’s resolution? Doesn’t mean you can’t beat the odds or that you should avoid making resolutions for 2016.
Instead, make your resolutions stick by making your goals into weekly ones rather than one year-long commitment. Focus on the outcomes you can control. For example, don’t say you want a new job by the end of 2016. Instead, list the weekly actions you can take to get you in front of people with the power to hire. Avoid negative goals, such as “I have to get out of my job by the end of the year.” Rephrase that to a positive by saying, “I’m going to begin researching new jobs.” One of the best ways to ensure that you stay on track is to identify and enlist the help of an accountability partner.

Jump into it

What makes an entrepreneur is not knowing everything about business, but rather being passionate and fearless. There is no such thing as the ‘right time’. Just take the leap, you can take it at any point in your life. This way of thinking has prevented me from over analysing every decision or opportunity that comes my way.



Be professional

Be professional from the get-go! Everything about you and the way you do business needs to let people know that you are a professional running a serious business. That means getting all the tools such as professional business cardsa business phone and a business email address, and treating people in a professional, courteous manner.



Be healthy

I’m not your mumsy but, I promise that you will be much more productive when you take better care of yourself. A voice over service is a lifestyle, not a 9-to-5 profession. Working to the point of exhaustion will burn you out and make you less productive. Don’t make excuses. Eat right, exercise and find time for yourself.



 Build a meaningful network

The most insightful advice I can remember receiving came from my sister, who is 5 years older than me and at the time had started her career in pharmaceuticals. She helped me understand the tremendous power of the network effect.




Setting any kind of goal starts with self-reflection, so take some time to think about 2015 and what you’ve achieved. Self-reflection can also be done through conversation with someone you respect or your voice over coach .



Create a risk plan

Looking back on the year and realising your mistakes and achievements, get a plan together. From your experiences, think about any obstacles that can get in the way of you achieving your goals, and how you can best set yourself up for success.



Be happier

What if you don’t want more responsibility? In fact, what if you really like everything about being a voice artist, but you just want more balance? First, you will need to define what balance would best fit your lifestyle. Being a voice actor almost means availability 24/7 is your job description. More often, people feel like they are on call when, in reality, they delegate poorly. If you resolve to not work on weekends or to take a vacation this month, begin outlining the specific steps you will need to take to achieve workplace zen.



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Friday VO Tip: 4 Ways To Draw Inspiration From Your Work

SINCEDecember can be an awful month, the days get really short and the temperature starts to plummet. This can affect your work and schedule as voice artist. As you know, we tend to work odd hours. Looking for the “golden hour”, were it’s quiet enough to voice projects without any distractions. It could also be said voice artists have a bit of a recluse trait in them, as they are used to ‘sneaking’ into the studio to lay down a few lines. We have to be careful so we can strike a perfect balance between keeping our voices healthy and avoiding going into hibernation mode. Especially this time of the year when some of us experience December Blues. I’m going to share 4 ways to draw inspiration from your voice over work thereby avoiding December Blues.



Write thank you notes

End of the year is upon us and this a great time to send out letters of thanks to fellow voice artists, voice seekers and anyone who made your work life a breeze. You can go all out and not limit yourself. Send thank you letters to anyone you met with or spoke to the previous day, or that you haven’t spoken to in a while. Don’t be tempted to write a thank you email, or a thank you text, or even a thank you phone call – a physical, hand-written thank you note is the only remedy. The reason I insist on the thank you being a letter is because gratitude is the antidote to the two things that stop us; fear and anger. The big bonus in writing thank you notes; makes you feel good and shows people you care about them.

Listen to music

As the great Eagles once said “Take it easy”; “don’t let the sound of your own wheels drive you crazy”. Instead let the sound of music lift your spirit up; educate your soul. Create a playlist of songs to listen to before you step into the studio. Don’t sing along too much though, you got save that voice. I will share two of my get me there favourites, Mika – Relax, take it easy and Journey – Don’t stop believing.



 Perform a random act of kindness

The irony of performing random acts of kindness is they end up being kind-of selfish, because you feel so awesome after doing them. You can start small with just a click of button. Retweet a bunch of people, share or thumbs up some post. Whatever you do, take your mind off of yourself and your problems and focus on helping others. Buying new clothes for winter? Donate your old clothes then. You’ll come back feeling rejuvenated.



Affirmations in the mornings

Knowledge, hard work, planning and clear vision of what you want your voice over services to be is important. But what is more important is the right mental attitude. There are times when we need a mental boost to deal with our work. Since you are you own boss, it’s up to you to pep talk yourself! Affirmations will help you focus on your career and remind you from time to time about your priorities in life. My favourite affirmation is ‘I am ever enthusiastic and my enthusiasm rubs off on my co-workers and this results in a great work day for all of us’.



Most importantly, don’t brush off that yearly feeling as simply a case of the “winter blues” that you have to tough out on your own. Take steps to keep your mood and motivation steady throughout the year. Take charge!



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The Interview: Amazing Voice Artist David Parkinson

PicMonkey Collage2Having a regional accents, is it detrimental to your career? 

Regional accents are no bar to VO work, you just need to be able to speak clearly – because the audience is unlikely to be a single regional group.
Regrettably I don’t have a regional accent – but most of my life has involved public speaking – so that was very useful.





Do you have a favourite VO and what do you want the world to know about you?

Favourite VO? Well there are several here on Piehole. Some of the women here are just so able to produce good sounding work; and of course I envy some of the guys with real bass resonance…



What’s a typical day like for you and have you done anything interesting lately?

Typical day involves looking at email, responding to clients in the States, Spain, India or China, and sometimes in the UK. I find producers are surprisingly loyal and like a rapid response. A Spanish client in particular appreciates my “straightening out” a less than perfect english script.
Oddly enough producing some promos for the local radio station has been fun too.



Pick one style which you feel represents you best? 

Conversational styles suit me well; and I also enjoy voicing documentaries.

Screen Shot 2015-11-19 at 07.25.29


How did your interest in voiceover work come about and what was your first project? 

I have spent a lot of time presenting and training staff in public and large voluntary organisations. Voiceover seemed to be a logical progression.



What do you recommend, setting up a home studio or using a commercial recording facility?

Having experience in a well-run small commercial studio means you can pick up tips from the resident engineer. These will help when you are responsible for your own post-production work in your home studio.

Setting up a home studio isn’t usually very difficult, and can be a rewarding opportunity to involve your friends, if you’re short of ideas on how to create a good recording space, or not into diy.



Any advice and recommendations for aspiring voice talents?

Don’t give up. Listen to established VO artists and try to work out what they offer that’s unique to them – you’ll have to develop something unique to you too.
Also – don’t try to be something you’re not – unless you’re a Londoner with an unimpeachable geordie accent – don’t even think about it!



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Friday Voiceover Tip: How To Respond To Voice seekers

PicMonkey CollageIf you’re a voice artist and you’re frustrated with voice seekers, I don’t blame you. The online voice over hiring process is a bit broken. Whose bright idea was it to try to hire voice artists by reducing them to keywords? Steam blown off, phew! Either way, voice artists get a lot of sympathy from me, as long as they’re taking responsibility for their side of the equation. Sadly, not all voice over artists do that. Here are three ways voice artists shoot themselves in the foot. We can’t blame evil voice seekers for any of these slip-ups — voice actors, unfortunately, bring them on themselves!


  1. When auditioning, you are given the opportunity to include a brief proposal, your MP3 demo and a price quote for the voice seeker to review. So when every response you send out to voice seekers is the same. You write template responses that don’t even mention a ballpark figure from the information given and don’t ask questions when necessary. That’s not only ineffective, it’s huge disservice to you and the voice seeker. Most voice seekers are just busy and some lack the knowledge of how the voice over industry works. So it is your responsibility to give responses that will illicit the correct response from the voice seeker. A persuasive and relevant note will catch more eyes quickly than even the most creative demo. Remember, you have complete control and freedom to charge whatever you want for your services.
  2. Asking for more than the allocated budget. When a voice seeker posts a job on Piehole, they will select a budget range or state a fixed budget, meaning a flat fee for the work. Some do not even post a budget, that’s were you can go wild and quote what your heart desires. But broadly speaking, it’s best to submit your quote within the range of the voice seeker’s budget. Maybe if you get them to visit your personal website, and they really love your work, you can have wiggle room to negotiate a fee you feel is most appropriate. If you don’t have this option, stick to the brief or pass on the job. Remember, we do not share or take a fee from any money you are paid for your voice over service. We also do not restrict you from directing voice seekers to you own domain.
  3. Not offering to record a small section of the script. If there is a script attached to the job posting, we recommend recording a portion of the client’s script for auditioning purposes.  To upload a custom demo or file that is not available in your Demos, click on the “Attach Mp3” button below your response to locate the file on your computer hard drive. If the voice seeker hasn’t attached a script, mention your willingness to record a portion of the script if its available. Also, you can send an MP3 that you have already uploaded to your Profile instead of uploading a new demo. This saves you time and makes the auditioning process an enjoyable experience.


My point, Don’t blah blah blah.



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Voice Over Interview with Amazing Actor Lizzie Goodridge

What’s a typical day like for you and have you done anything interesting lately?

PicMonkey CollageI have only recently joined Pie Hole, after a recommendation from a tutor on a Presenting Course. I have been working hard on establishing my strengths and putting together a demo reel.

Originally I recorded and edited it myself to get a taster of what worked and what didn’t and then I took the best parts to a recording studio and recorded it professionally. Even then some pieces didn’t make it to the final cut but I thinks its best to over prepare.

Check out Lizzie Goodridge’s profile and more of her demos HERE



Pick one style which you feel represents you best?

I think my voice lends itself to upbeat character work. My voice has a child like tone and I think it works well for motivational style pieces.

 Female Voice Over UK   Lizzie Goodridge  Young  Enthusiastic  Versatile  Warm  Motivational   British Professional Voice over



Do you have a favorite voice artist and what do you want the world to know about you?

I am still very new to this industry, but I am very passionate about learning and using my new skills.



 How did your interest in voiceover work come about and what was your first project?

I trained in Musical Theatre and have been in the UAE doing a dance contract.
A radio DJ came to see the show and afterwards asked whether some of the cast would take part in his ‘Movie Mash Up’s’.

They gave me the part of Anna from Frozen and the director of the show was so shocked at my voice capabilities he gave me a principal role in the next production.

This is what has inspired me to pursue voice-over work as a career.



What has been your favorite voice over job to date and why?

My favorite job to date has been a cockney market stall holder for a corporate company. The team were great and I spent two days in a recording booth creating this character. It was a lot of fun and I learnt a great deal from the other actors.



Do you think having a regional accents is detrimental to your career? 

I am based in Kent and have a slight accent. I think it works for me, in my opinion regional accents are growing more popular within the industry. As long as you can be understood by listeners I think it can actually be quite endearing.



What do you recommend, setting up a home studio or using a commercial recording facility?

At the moment I do not have the equipment for a home studio but I think it would be quite useful in the long term.



Any advice and recommendations for aspiring voice talents?

It’s very important to create a demo, like me you could start by writing and recording from home and then take it to a studio, or you could find a company that does it all in one.

When putting together your demo I highly recommend doing as much research as possible. Getting opinions from friends, neighbors or perhaps your agent. There is even a private group on Facebook called the ‘British Actors Network’ where you can read up on other peoples advice and experiences.

The majority of the time I spent looking at commercials on YouTube, find similar voice traits and recreate the same style of advert.

The best advice I can give you is knowing what is suitable for your voice and making it work for you. Creating that unique style that other artists may not have.



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Friday Voiceover Tip: 5 Simple Ways To Show Gratitude

PicMonkey CollageSaying thank you to a voice seeker doesn’t cost a penny and the effects of true gratitude can be remarkable. A bit of old fashioned business etiquette can go a long way to help keep your customers happy and wanting to do business with you. What am I talking about? I’m talking about thank you notes and even thank you presents if the occasion calls for it.



- With the growth of the internet and the ability to do so many voice over jobs remotely in the comfort of your own booth, it can be easy to lose that personal touch when you are dealing with clients. This is where a thank you note can make a profound impression on a client that you may have just worked with. Thank you emails are good but they don’t carry the same power as a thank you note received in the post. Let’s face it; we hardly ever get personal post any more. All our communications seem to come through email so when you get a piece of post personally addressed to you then it creates an impression.



- Invite your most loyal customers into a VIP rewards program. Customers love the red carpet treatment, which is why Amazon’s Prime membership or the Zappos VIP program is so popular. Your rewards program doesn’t have to be complex, it can be as simple as offering most frequent users of your voice over services an annual discount on your birthday month.



- If your customers are all over the country or even the world (like us!) it’s a special treat to meet up for a coffee date in their city. Every time you travel, look up customers that live in the area and offer to buy them a coffee. Also, you can send them gifts cards to popular coffee shop in their areas or you can send them a treat. Cookies or sweets are a winning idea—liked by all and easy to share. Going out of your way to check in with a loyal customer and spend quality time while you’re on the road creates a lasting impression for both of you.



Send cards on unique holidays. This lessen the chance of your card getting overlooked in a mass of other cards by sending it to a customer on a unique holiday. The sky’s the limit with this one. Capitalize on the colorful (and odd!) holidays out there, such as International Towel Day or National Planking Day. Check out a listing of unique holidays here.



- Make your voice over seekers laugh. If you’re fortunate enough to have a creative mind, make a funny and personalized gift. One idea; Photoshop your client into a famous movie poster, rename it something clever and email the picture with your note of “Thanks for your business!”



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Noticeboard: Amazing Voice Artists on Piehole Voiceovers

Actor Caroline Ashby


Looking for a sparkly, stylish & current female British voice? Then look no further!

Caroline Ashby has been the voice behind Radio & TV Commercials, Promos, Web Explainers, Corporate Training, Mobile Apps and so much more. Companies such as AXA, Costa Coffee, Twitter, eBay, Clairol, Lovehoney, World Vision, Cisco, Microsoft, GlaxoSmithKline and BP have all trusted HER voice to deliver THEIR message. 

* Upbeat and Current with Commercial tones. 
* Clear, Informative, Professional or RP for E-learning and Corporate. 
* Intelligent and Engaging for Narration. 
* Soft & Sultry for a more smooth sell. 
* Easy and Conversational for Explainer video’s. 

Caroline also moonlights as a lead vocalist so should you require a singer for your next commercial, jingle or app she is more than capable of delivering just the notes you need! 

Need your recording in a jiffy? No problem! With a fully equipped home studio and a background in music and computing, Caroline has the technical nous required to produce quality, clean studio recordings in a flash. With a little more notice, attending a studio of your choice can also be arranged. 

Whatever your female voiceover requirements, let Caroline bring those words to LIFE! 



Actor Ciaran Irwin


I’ve spent many years working on phones, on stage,in pitches, projects and meetings, and over time I’ve learned to cultivate my voice in a way that lets me come across clearly and effectively. I’ve found that this lends itself well to voiceover- I started off parodying the classic American Movie Trailer voice, and branched off into more versatile straight or comedic styles from there. My speciality would be in straightforward, serious narration or advertisment but I’m also adept at turning my hand to whatever style the job may require.



Actor Craig Wakelingy


My past clients include voiceover clients includes Telefonica, UK Government’s Pension Scheme, Cognito Mobile, Broadbean, The Money Advice Service, European Poker Tour Series, Revelation TV, Kwikfit, Ellehammer Luggage, Experian, Stafford FM and United Christian Broadcasters. 

My corporate work has also been very well received as I have voiced many corporate training videos. I have also been the voice of At800 – for their on-hold telephone messages, corporate video and radio commercials aired on Capital, Heart, Magic, Absolute Radio, Smooth Radio and Gold in London. 

I have 24 hour access to professional studios and can provide a quick turnaround. 



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Notice Board: Amazing Voice Actor Gale Van Cott

Voice Actor Gale Van Cott


When we asked Voice Actor Gale Van Cott to pick voicing styles that represent her best, she said: Silky, smooth, warm, conversational, with a hint of fun, or a touch of class. Check out here profile here for inspiration.



Recent bookings (month of May) for me include lots of Medical – Intros and outros for CME medical education programs: Stroke 2.0, A Patient Centered Approach in the Management of COPD, Multiple Sclerosis & Women’s Health, Plus voicing of all clinical trials IVR lines for GlaxoSmithKline, Ablynx Labs and Vascular Biosciences.



Commercials for Brenner Nissan, MercedesBenz of St.Charles, Woodfield Lexus, Monograms&Pearls gift shops, Knoebel’s Adventure Park, Bright Pediatrics, La Parisienne, Osaka Sushi, Professional Eye Associates, Brainerd Dental.

Corporate Image pieces for Bic Soleil, VMX, Samaritan’s Purse

APP – The Food Facts App

Videogame – Detective Laura (lead) in NY Mysteries 2

Phone/IVR for InfiniteIT, Cherry Medical Aesthetics

Web Explainers for Tapocity

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Define Your Voice Over Services: Good, Cheap & Fast?

PicMonkey CollageIt is not always easy to hire quality voice over artists. If a voice seeker is looking for quality voice over artist and quality results, there are three main voice over artist traits and variables he can’t ignore. These variables to consider when hiring voice artist are; fast turnaround time, affordable and good voice skills. Obviously, the point is to always hire quality voice artists with great turnaround time because you will get quality results quickly. As a voice artist, you should endeavor to work with voice seekers who appreciate high levels of quality work.



Professional voice seekers never settle for “that’s good enough performances”. They will look for affordable but not cheap voice over services.  A voice artist who is willing to take into account the full scope of the project without inflating their voice over rates. A good quality voice artist with fast turnaround time is flexible. This doesn’t mean you should be flexible to your detriment. Know your limits and understand exactly what the voice seeker you are working with wants. It is easy to work with a voice seeker who knows what they want and provide good, clear direction.



Do a little self introspection now and then. If you take your craft and career seriously, then you always have to remember your voice over services are worth so much more. Listing yourself on Fiverr is stepping backwards. Maybe at this very moment you feel those Fiverr jobs are all that’s available right now. Wrong! The key is to focus on what is really important, quality voice seekers instead of the quantity of the payment. Forever and always, there will be voice seekers looking to save a few bucks by getting whatever they need done as cheap as possible. These are low quality clients that will accept low quality work as long as they get it done for low prices. Regardless of any rejection, keep your standards high because you are more than just “good enough”.



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