New Voice Artist On Piehole UK

We are glad to introduce the newly signed up members of Piehole UK. If you would like to hire these voice actors and more for your next project, click on their names to listen to their voice over demos.


Mandy O’Neale  “Versatile, energetic, natural, believable, dynamic”

I’m a full-time genuine British VO with over 12 years’ experience, and a broadcast quality home studio with ISDN, so fast turnaround and top quality are guaranteed. I’ve been heard in many many places….on TV, radio, corporate, e-learning and phone systems, for brands such as HMV, Microsoft, Expedia, The Range, HSBC, Matalan and Nissan. I’m told I’m easy to direct & work with, and a one-take wonder when time is tight!



Victoria Boyle “Clear, informative, engaging, warm, factual”

 New to voice overs but I have extensive experience of delivering presentations in medical terminology, anatomy, medical investigations and pharmacology.


Faye Dicker “Warm, RP, fresh, smooth, bright”

A warm, friendly, fresh and reassuring voice. From bright and upbeat, to a certain sassy something. A professional and personable voice for both smooth corporate and commercial reads, with class, funk, style, hip and grace. Biography:

Faye is a professional voiceover artist for both radio and television, with an ISDN equipped studio ideal for directing live sessions. Her acting background ensures a spot on delivery that audiences believe in. TV and radio includes: ITV, BBC, GHD, SONY and The Chelsea Building Society. Corporate work includes: The Co-Operative, HSBC, Lloyds Pharmacy, M&S, First Choice, The Travel Foundation, The Home Office, Orange Communications & HBOS.




Suzanna Hughes “Versatile, Characters, Accents, London, Voice Actor”

Im a professional working actress with a particular talent, ear and love for accents and characters, so voiceovers have been a natural progression and combination of all my skills. My native accent is a friendly, lively London lilt and along with classic RP Im able to perform in most UK and worldwide accents. London, RP, Cockney, Essex, Scottish, Geordie, Northern, Scouse, Brummie, Welsh, Bristol, Irish, Northern Irish, USA (states & generic) French, German, Russian, South African, Jamaican and more…



Ann Salter “cool, silky, clear, persuasive and unforgettable!”

I’m a voice artist, broadcaster and presenter known for my cool, bright, warm, sophisticated style. I’m a London based girl of many talents with a native RP and a wardrobe -full, of original accents, emotions and character voices used to great effect on commercials, computer games, web video continuity, promo’s, talking books and animation, for corporate giants such as Renault, O2, Thomson Holidays,Thomson Cruises, Motorola, First Scot Rail and Virgin plus Bus. My accents of note include Spanish, two regional Scots accents which were used on a long running campaign for First Scot Rail and a children’s animated talking book and my northern accent was used to front a Yorkshire Injury Lawyers TV campaign. As an International broadcaster and presenter featured on BBC Radio 4,5 Live, SKY TV, International Business Times Television and on US news and sport channel FOX USA . I bring versatility,gravitas and a light touch to narration. Perfect, for corporate, fast paced journo/news style reads, training films and short and long form programming projects I have completed for The International Maritime Organisation, The Haven breast cancer charity ,GSK,LLOYDS TSB and Best Direct Shopping Channel. I’m also known as ‘Pepper’ so if you fancy me sprinkling some magic on your voice project give me a call !




Diana Atkins “trustworthy, girl next door, bubbly, fun”

My voice has a neutral/RP accent ideal for corporate work and serious commercials. And as I grew up on the border with Essex I can also naturally fall into a fun bubbly Essex accent for a more light-hearted commercial or radio promo. As a professional actress, my voice is full of expression and charisma and can be adapted to suit a brief. I have a professional home studio including Audio-Technica-Cardioid-Condenser-USB-Microphone, Garageband, Pop filter and Macbook. I want you to be really pleased with your recording so I am happy to re-record as required (however this has never been necessary as people have been delighted first time!) My most recent voice job was for Cambridge University Press. They picked me as they wanted to create a more updated and approachable image. I can provide a fast turn around with high quality recordings you can rely on.



Melanie Fraser “Classically elegant, polished, sophisticated, warm”

Described as clear and polished, my voice is ideal for documentaries, corporate and infomercials. Engaging, reassuring and warm tones lend sensitivity and empathy to charity appeals, natural disasters and other heartfelt reads. Apart from appearing in theatre, TV, film and cabaret as an actress, singer and dancer for many years, I also worked as a teacher/ lecturer in classical ballet at professional stage schools in the UK, Italy and Spain. Subsequently, my experience in both natural and traditional medicine can also lend detailed technical knowledge to add that authentic touch to voice over projects. From my studio facilities on the Isle of Wight, UK (which includes a Rode NT1A microphone, SE Reflextion Filter and NCH WavePadSound software) I can produce your project in raw, clean or fully edited post production in a variety of formats with music and sound effects.



Elainor Knight “Warm, smooth, sophisticated, languages & accents”

Elainor is a UK/NZ voice talent with a passion for languages and accents. She started out as a voiceover artist in Japan in 2005 after studying in the US with top voiceover coaches and has lent her voice to a wide range of projects. With several years’ experience as a translator/copywriter, Elainor is also able to translate your script into/from Japanese. In addition to voiceovers, Elainor is a trained screen actress/presenter and singer with numerous professional credits. She recently released a debut EP of Jazz/Pop and Electronica originals, which is currently receiving radio airplay in the UK and overseas.

Previous clients have included:

* Panasonic, Toyota, Kewpie (Global and national TV and radio commercials)

* NTV Japan, AXN Japan (TV announcing and voiceovers)

* Sony, Panasonic, Mitsubishi (Corporate promotional videos)

* Sony, Hitachi, Nokia-Siemens (E-learning material)

* Subaru Telescope (US), Kao Corporation, Nihon Kouden (Audio guides)

* Sony, Namco, Konami (Games and animation voices)

* Japan Airlines, Robert Conti (US), Music Hotel (France) (Onhold messaging)

* Sanyo, Zenrin (GPS navigation systems)

* FM Karuizawa (Japan), 100.9FM (Australia), 87.7FM (UK) (Radio imaging)



Victoria Shepherd “warm, sincere, knowledgeable, proper, luxurious, husky”

Originally from Staffordshire, England, Victoria is an English voiceover and on-camera talent. Posted out to New York by Her Majesty’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office in 1992, Victoria has traveled to numerous places around the world, for both work and pleasure. Most notably, in 2006, she back-packed around Europe by way of the alphabet: 26 places, each beginning with a different letter of the alphabet, and each in a different European country. Victoria is a huge animal lover. She lives in Glen Park, San Francisco, with her wife, Krystal, and two cats, Buddy and Pumpkin. Victoria’s most recent project was for Miles – Marketing Destinations, in partnership with, and other clients include, Spiral Moon Media and Theta Connect. She has experience reading a variety of copy and is happy to record a custom audition for any project. Turnaround of final recording is usually within 48 hours. Victoria has her own home studio as well as access to a fully equipped studio with sound engineer in downtown San Francisco. Direction is welcomed by telephone or Skype/FaceTime. Files can be delivered in MP3, WAV or AIF format. She has trained at Voice One, Studio Act, and BATS, and takes voice coaching on an ongoing basis with Craig Spear, Melissa Gray, Elaine Clark, and Tom Chantler.



Tabitha Wakley “Warm, Modern, Versatile, Stylish, Appealing!”

A versatile voiceover with years of experience in voicing and editing commercial and corporate work to broadcast quality. As a script writer myself, I gain an understanding of copy quickly, bringing out the best in intonation and inflection to give you a stand out, powerful read that makes the audience take notice! From a cool corporate to a creative commercial… for bags of style and the warmest tones, let Tabitha do the talking.



Boet Schouwink “Flexible, Massive, Soulful, Pleasant, Clear”

Official voice-double of Morgan Freeman for VISA Worldwide. Possibly the best ‘Morgan’ impersonator in the world…. Very powerful voice with an astounding range, from American NewsAnchor to Stiff-Upperlip to Australian, Jamaican, you name it.



Geoff Cotton “Deep, rich, authoritative, credible sexy”

I LOVE using my voice for a wide range of productions…commercials, corporates, onlines, trailers and characters…also live events – I’ve worked as a presenter on four UEFA Champions League Finals, a match announcer for Fulham FC and a host or Voice Of God for countless conferences, awards ceremonies and gala dinners.



Nigel Cole “Warm, engaging, RP, conversational, home studio”

With 25 years at the BBC, I’ve bags of experience on both sides of the microphone. Now freelance as a copywriter, producer and voice over, I appreciate the bigger creative picture so I quickly understand what you’re looking for and deliver it.  My recent work includes TV commercials for Luma Credit Card, an infomercial for Totally Money and a glossy corporate spot for Katara Hospitality. I’ve also done lots of TV promo work for the likes of the BBC, Channel 4, Sky and CCTV9 in China




Rupert Bush “Warm, re-assuring, clear, emotive, depth”

London born, I started many years ago in the USA working for comedy writers and reading out their commercial scripts every day. Eventually I was cast in commercials, notably national spots for Budweiser. After a long stint out there I relocated to the UK and have recorded everything from commercials, promos, long form narrations for broadcast, and audiobooks. I love the process of working with people to get the best results and really enjoy breathing life into written words. I also have many years experience on the other side of the mic and understand the nuances of a polished delivery and first class production.



Adam Diggle “Northern, versatile, fresh, friendly, energetic”

Adam’s natural voice has a great friendly and relatable quality, perfect for adverts and promos, but he is also very adept at softening and neutralising his accent for other work, such as corporate narration. His range of accents is extremely impressive, making him an ideal choice for cartoons and computer games.




Phillip J Mather “British Deep, Commanding Mellow, Engaging”

The Voice of Choice – Enjoyed around the World. From his studio in America, Phillip’s quintessentially British, mellifluous tones have been happily received the world over – from commercials, through eLearning and industrials to AudioBook narrations.




Tim Odofin “Streetwise, Urban, Upbeat, Lively, Natural with own studio”

I started out in media as an event host (I still do loads of that now), and this lead on to TV hosting and radio. I still loads of radio now too and have presented on hospital, community, AM, MW and National DAB levels. Working from my own home studio I offer a fast, flexible and friendly service to help you meet your deadlines. As I am of dual nationality (British and Nigerian) I can do West African accents, or tap into my London side with urban, streetwise accents or even RP.



Peter Stern “Clear, assured, versatile, friendly, trustworthy”

A professional since 2001, my background is in acting so character work is particularly fun. I have my own studio and can provide sound files in any format and send it to you via email, FTP or CD. Additionally, you can dial in to my studio using ISDN or use the SoundStreak service so I can be with you instantly wherever you are in the world. My aim is simple: to get your message across for commercials, corporate narration, podcasts explainer videos, e-learning and more, I can provide your voice. Even character voices for games and animated films



We have a wide variety of experienced voiceover options to select from. You can check out and hire all the talent we have signed on our websites:,, and

Piehole, Find Your Voice!


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Allergy Season


I have written two blogs already about allergies and ways to alleviate them using some natural remedies, they are Friday Voiceover Tip: Throat remedies and Friday Voice Over Tip: Is it allergies or a cold?. Allergy season is here again so check out the blogs above and use the natural remedies advice given with a medical doctor’s guide, to help you with allergies. Below are tips on how to blow spring-time allergies away:


1. Use a neti pot 

A neti pot can be found in most health food stores, follow the directions on the package and use it three to five times a week. It’s the most effective way to remove pollen, dust, environmental irritants and mucus from your sinuses, without causing dryness or rebound congestion often experienced from pharmaceutical decongestants.


2. Make lifestyle changes

Regular exercise helps boost the immune system, so incorporate a variety of physical activity into your routine including cardiovascular exercise. For allergy relief, weekly acupuncture treatments for a month or two from a licensed acupuncturist would be helpful. Acupuncture alleviates head, neck and facial symptoms throughout the body by promoting healthy circulation and decreasing areas of hypersensitivity and stagnation.


3. Detox 

Eat non-mucus-forming foods such as fresh vegetables, fruits, whole grains, foods with active cultures, foods high in vitamin C like citrus and berries, oily seafood(two to three times per week), onions and garlic. This helps to detoxify your blood, support your liver, neutralize histamine reactions and neutralize allergen response. Additionally, get plenty of essential fatty acids from omega-3 oils like flax, sea greens and spinach. Avoid inflammatory preserved and canned foods, sugary foods, caffeine and fatty mucus-forming foods (especially dairy products). Fasting can also assist in clearing allergy symptoms.


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Insightful Interview with Voice Over Artist Victoria Shepherd

How did your interest in voiceover work come about and what was your first project?

Typical story. Someone said to me many years ago, just after I arrived in the US, what a faaaaabulous voice I had. I learned that that isn’t all it takes to become a VO artist. In 2009, I found Voice One, a school in San Francisco, that was offering an introduction to voice over class, so I decided to have a go. I was hooked and signed up for more and more classes. I still do classes with the school to keep my skills up to date.

My first project was in 2010 and I did a recording for a little e-commerce site. The job actually came by way of someone I met at an acting class.


What has been your favourite voice over job to date and why?

Hands down, my favourite job to date is for I narrated a new book that they were selling on their website. Not only did it pay well, but it was so much fun to do! As soon as I read the audition I felt like I was the right person for the job. Ben Kaufman and his staff were a breeze to work with. Very responsive and gave great feedback. I’d do another job for them in a heart beat.


Do you have a favourite VO and what do you want the world to know about you?

Right now, I think my favourite is “Go and smell the roses,” the Travelocity commercial. The little gnome reminds me of my dad. Even sounds like him!


Pick one style which you feel represents you best?




What’s a typical day like for you in the voice over business and have you been involved in anything interesting lately?

Yes! I’m currently working with a client on creating travel videos that promote the US to the rest of the world. I’m one of their UK talents. I love it! They tell me where I’m going, I research it, write the script, get on a plane and get to go to a place that (so far) I’ve never been to, I do the shoot and then return home to do the voiceover segments in my home studio. Finally, I write a travel article to accompany each video. I’m about to head to Texas for 10 days, which I’m really excited about. Looks like I’ll even get to ride a horse….. one of my other favourite things! Besides the travel work, I’ve recently done a voice for a children’s game. And of course, there’s daily auditions that I do, constantly looking for new clients and fun projects. Oh, and I’m about to voice a piece of video art at an exhibition in San Francisco. I’ll be doing the voice over live, so will kind of be part of the art. It’s something I’ve never done before but I’m very excited about being a part of the project. As soon as the press release goes out, I’ll be letting everyone know about it.


Any advice and  recommendations of any online resource for aspiring voice talents?

Gosh! So many! If you’re in the San Francisco Bay area, take a class with Elaine Clark at Voice One. The introductory class is very inexpensive and will give you a feel for the industry. Register with pay to play sites like or, if you’re in the US. And of course, Piehole!! I’ve only been registered with them for a short while but already the foot traffic to my website has taken off. DON’T spend thousands and thousands of dollars on “quick” classes that promise you you’ll make it big in a few months. I’m not saying that you won’t (sometimes, the odd person does), but this is not something that will happen overnight. And take your time before making your demo. I initially was like “hey, I’m going to get my demo done in 6 months, and I’m going to be HUGE!” The reality was that I ended up not making it in 6 months, or a year, and decided to re-do my demo at a later date. Cultivate your skill and work with a voice coach who gives you constructive, yet critical, feedback. My favorite coach for narration is Melissa Gray in San Francisco. For commercial it’s Tom Chantler. And then there’s Craig Spear, who works via Skype, which is great! I’ve been working in the industry since 2009, and I’d say that it’s only been in the last year that I have been able to focus primarily on my voice over career. I still have none-vo clients. So there’s another piece of advice: DON’T QUIT YOUR DAY JOB!


Is it detrimental to have a regional accent? Did you have a regional accent, what steps did you take to train yourself to talk in a more conversational way?

No, not at all. It does narrow your market if you’re less versatile, but it’s not detrimental. Remember, there’s someone out there who’s looking for exactly your voice. May take them more time to find you if you don’t have a huge repertoire of voices and characters, but I’d just say do what makes you feel comfortable. If you can lose the accent when required, great! But don’t lose who you are. In San Francisco, the VO market for English artists is much smaller than LA, for instance. But I want to live in San Francisco and work with local companies. My wife would also hate to move to LA!! So I’ve found other ways to expand my circle. With the internet nowadays, the world is your oyster, so to speak.


What do you recommend, setting up a home studio or using a commercial recording facility?

Definitely set up a good home studio. You can start by doing it relatively inexpensively. You can line a full closet (wardrobe) with foam, or put a couple of blankets over your head (I did get a little claustrophobic doing this, though). I’ve upgraded my equipment since 2009, but even the mic, amp and software I started with enabled me to make good quality audition recordings. That’s the main thing. Unless you have an agent who likes you to come into the studio to record auditions, you’re left to your own devices at home. And that’s another thing. You don’t necessarily need an agent.

I do have access to a fully equipped studio in downtown San Francisco, with a director and sound engineer, if a client wants this, or if I have a tricky job that requires lots of editing. Although my editing skills are pretty good, I’m not an engineer. The guys who do this stuff on a full time basis are amazing and really skillful. I only wish I could do what they do.

Thank you so much for interviewing me!


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Voiceover Tip: 9 Voiceover Conferences Worth Attending

Conference are a great way to stay on top of everything happening in the any industry. Voice over conferences are a fantastic way to mix and mingle with industry professionals such as casting directors, agents, producers and other voice actors. They are an opportunity for learning, networking and garnering new industry contacts. There are several voiceover conferences that a voice artist can attend, here are some key conferences worth attending:


Voice Over International Creative Experience


Voice And Speech Trainers Association


Midwest Voice Over Conference (The conference was on March 28th & 29th)




Anime Conventions


APA Conference


VO2014 in Atlanta




National Audio Theater Festival



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Demo of the Year 2014 Competition Final Results

Here are the winner….


This Friday, we are not offering any voice over tips but we are announcing the results for best voice over demo of  2014. We want to thank all the entrants and every individual who took the time to vote for our Demo of the Year 2014 competition contestants. Most of all, we want to thank our judges. They allowed us to take some of their valuable so we can bring you a fair and unbiased top three from a list of  top 20 talented voice artist. As we all know, the first stage of our competition is based to public voting via Facebook but we have a panel of judges for the second stage. Our panel of judges for 2014 are Chris Kendall (CEO/Founder of VAU Networks and Blue-Echo Ltd), Kevin Breathnach (Sound Engineer and Media Producer at Avondale Recording Studio), Shane Higgins (Managing Director at Onlinevideos Media Ltd) and Priscilla Grooves (CEO/Founder Piehole and Piehole TV).


The judging criteria for the top 20 demos were Voice, Production, Content, Range and Overall Impression. The highest points a demo could score from each judge under the five categories was 10. Therefore the demo closest to a perfect score of 200 would be the overall winner.


First Place: Andy Barnett (@AndyBarnettVO)

Andy wins 1 year’s basic subscription to, and

PLUS Demo of The Year 2014 customised winner’s badge for his website


Second Place: Dan Blaskey

Dan won 1 year’s basic subscription to


Third Place: Perdita Lawton

Perdita has won a Piehole t-shirt

Congratulations to the winners!!

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5 Perfect Piehole Voiceover Profiles

These are some of the best profiles on Piehole Voiceovers. We regularly check profile performances of individual pages. What we noticed is that some profiles receive more traffic because they are easy to navigate and appeal to the eyes first. Check out the profiles below, use them as templates and improve your profile. Rob Edwards also has an inspiring profile page. I wrote a blog about it in 2013, click here to check it out.



Cromerty York

“Appealing, smooth, attractive, fun, convincing”



Silvia McClure

“smooth, conversational, energetic, professional, friendly” 



Julie Donaldson

“Versatile, Friendly, Characterful, Playful and Precise”



John Cavanagh

“Seductive storyteller seller of dreams”



Simon Lipson

“Any accent, any style, versatile”



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Friday Voiceover Tips: 9 Voice Over Tips for 2014

9 Voice Over Tips for 2014


1. Be yourself, don’t try to be a voice that you are not. Know where your voice strength lies and let the uniqueness of your voice shine through.


2.  Personalize the copy you are reading. Put yourself in somebody’s shoes and think of the people you are sending the message to as well.


3.Get the copy right. A great voiceover delivery starts with a great script. Your copy needs to be clean and easy to read. Be sure to pre-read the copy before recording to verify the flow. Don’t be afraid to mark the copy with notes for inflection or emphasis.


4. Most important advise of them all, keep hydrated. It’s important to be properly hydrated ahead of the session. Drink plenty of clear liquids – preferably at room temperature. Avoid strong coffee and any drinks that contain milk products. Milk gets the mucus flowing and will dampen the performance.


5. Quiet place to record. We’ve talked about it before, but the space you record in is very critical.


6. Invest the right mic for you. As a voice actor, you have to get comfortable being behind a microphone, and know how to get the most out of it. The microphone is your partner in this business. It connects you to your audience. Know how to properly use a microphone. It is essential to know how to use your microphone to get the results you need to succeed in your industry.


7. Always stand up to read your copy or whenever possible. If not, at least sit up tall. Hold your script at eye level, so you don’t have to look down to read it.


8. For beginners, enrol in a voiceover class. It is important to learn different skills that are needed to succeed in this industry. You will get knowledge, technique and experience in front of the mic.


9. Create a phenomenal voice over demo but only when you are ready. Hold off on recording a demo until you have enough experience and technique.


Using the above tips will help you to be well prepared to deliver great voice over auditions. Remember that even if you do not get one job, there is another one down the road that is right for you. You should take advantage of every opportunity to audition, even if you feel that you may not be a good fit. You never know when you will get that break you have been waiting for. Giving your best performance every time, will help you gain the confidence you need and make a good impression on voice seekers.


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Announcing New Voice Artist On Piehole Voiceovers

Credibility is the key when selling any product. As an experienced voice over casting agent working for Piehole Voiceovers, the only quality vetted voice artist database out there, I know which voices to bring to the table to make any project we work on come alive and successful. I am taking this opportunity to introduce to you all the talented voice artists who signed up with us in the month of February. Click on their names to hire them for your next project or to check out their Piehole Profiles.

Here are the new voices we have just added to our books:

74318_10201114616372343_1871528406_n_profileRiyadh Khalaf

Julie_kaylin_-_publicity_photo_profileJulie Kaylin

09jan15-04c_profileDavid Brower

Cathal_joyce_voiceover_bw_profileCathal Joyce

1016333_10151793453122640_1475325659_n_profileJamee Thompson 

Downloadedfile_profileSaffron Bentley

Press_pic_ii_profileDave Davin


We have a wide variety of experienced voiceover options to select from. You can check out and hire all the talent we have signed on our websites:,, and


Piehole, Find Your Voice!


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Friday Voiceover Tip: How Self-Confident Are You?

Improving Self-Confidence to build a successful voiceover business


How self-confident do you feel? Whether you show self-confidence by being decisive and staying in control, a person with high self-confidence seems to live life with more passion and enthusiasm. Most people tend to trust and respect confident individuals. No matter what position you hold or what your job might be, whether you are an artist or an engineer, self-confidence is essential to your success. A good place to start, is to look at how you handle and perform specific tasks.


1. Recognize your insecurities

What does that voice in the back of your mind say? Whatever is making you feel unworthy of success and inferior to your colleagues, identify it. Often becoming aware that you have a strategy is enough to break that feeling. Start to identify what triggers low confidence for you, and then observe what happens inside of you. What do you feel?  How do you act?


2. Bounce back from your mistakes

How you rebound from a mistake or a difficult situation is important. Whether it’s in business or personal relationships, optimism is a powerful force, and it doesn’t take much of an investment. Remember that no one is perfect, even the most confident people have insecurities. Learn that life is not straight line graph and that its full of bumps. Yes, you didn’t land a big voiceover campaign but that’s not a good reason to retreat. Get yourself out there and chase pavements.


3. Build trust through communication

When you start to meet and know people in the voiceover industry, use conversation to build trust and find common ground. Use the name of the person you’re talking to. This not only makes conversation more personal, but also helps you remember people’s names. Another technique that can help conversation flow more easily is to use open questions that can’t be answered with a yes or no. When you are going in for a recording session with a voice seeker, come prepared. Ensure you know all the facts in advance. Do some research and have it on hand ready or in your copy to ask questions if necessary.


4. Anticipate other people’s behaviour

Anticipate other people’s behaviour and prepare your own responses. Whatever your personal style happens to be, use it to help your actions and enhance your self-confidence. Doing some prep work, like knowing the route to a new job before your first day, could mean the difference between arriving frazzled and defeated or calm and ready to punch in. Role-play in your mind how things are likely to happen. Prepare your responses according to the different scenarios that you think could unfold during a session. Being well prepared will increase your self-confidence and enable you to your best work forward.


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VO Tip: Ultimate Cheat Sheet, Create Demos On Short Notice

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet on Creating A Demo On Short Notice


One of the by-products of the Pay to Play culture is fast auditioning. Here at Piehole Voiceovers, we have 200 quality vetted voice artists at a time on our website. This means an average of five voice artists are invited to audition or quote for a project. This decreases the need to rush audition. On most pay to play sites, if you don’t submit your voice over audition within the first 10 minutes, you might as well forget it. At least fifty people will already be ahead of you. Here are general tips that apply to auditions you track yourself in the booth:


1. Keep it short

If you need to make a quick demo audition for a voice seeker, you can save time with selective copy reading. A potential voice seeker only needs to hear about 5 to 10 seconds of you before they make a decision, so it’s not going to hurt your chances at all if you cut out a sentence. A longer copy is even easier to cut down for the audition.


2. Find a nice quiet place to track the audition

Even though you are recording a quick demo, you must represent your brand properly. Background noises come off as unprofessional and just says “I don’t care enough about what I’m doing or how I represent myself”.  I know not everyone has a booth or appropriate space but there’s no point to audition if you are not going to do your best work.


3. Read the script first

Become familiar with the script and wrap your tongue around any odd phrasing or words. This will help with avoiding mistake that might require you to re-record the audition.


4. Invest in right software

Invest in software that will help you automatically clean up.  This will help you save time.


Ultimately unless instructions specifically request something more, I’ll almost never submit more than 30 seconds for a demo. Some people will even tell you not to submit more than 15.


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