Demo of the Year 2014 Competition Final Results

Here are the winner….


This Friday, we are not offering any voice over tips but we are announcing the results for best voice over demo of  2014. We want to thank all the entrants and every individual who took the time to vote for our Demo of the Year 2014 competition contestants. Most of all, we want to thank our judges. They allowed us to take some of their valuable so we can bring you a fair and unbiased top three from a list of  top 20 talented voice artist. As we all know, the first stage of our competition is based to public voting via Facebook but we have a panel of judges for the second stage. Our panel of judges for 2014 are Chris Kendall (CEO/Founder of VAU Networks and Blue-Echo Ltd), Kevin Breathnach (Sound Engineer and Media Producer at Avondale Recording Studio), Shane Higgins (Managing Director at Onlinevideos Media Ltd) and Priscilla Grooves (CEO/Founder Piehole and Piehole TV).


The judging criteria for the top 20 demos were Voice, Production, Content, Range and Overall Impression. The highest points a demo could score from each judge under the five categories was 10. Therefore the demo closest to a perfect score of 200 would be the overall winner.


First Place: Andy Barnett (@AndyBarnettVO)

Andy wins 1 year’s basic subscription to, and

PLUS Demo of The Year 2014 customised winner’s badge for his website


Second Place: Dan Blaskey

Dan won 1 year’s basic subscription to


Third Place: Perdita Lawton

Perdita has won a Piehole t-shirt

Congratulations to the winners!!

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